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What if you actually had control over your money instead of it controlling you?

My name is Madison, and I am a Personal Finance Coach with a background in Accounting and Finance & Economics, and I want to help YOU: 




Hi, I'm Madison!

In my career, I've worked at one of the largest mutual fund companies in the world, and have so much investing knowledge to drop. This website will be a place I share useful tidbits to win daily with money. Thanks for being here with me!

"After working with Madison I feel like I have a clear understanding of where I stand and where I want to be. The best part of working with her is compassion. Money can be emotional, but I felt completely comfortable with Madison. She gives you the tools you need to continue to complete the goals you set."

-Tayler O.

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The podcast to help you get control of your money without it controlling you.


Madison dives deep on topics that every womxn should know about her money and investing.


This podcast translates tough topics into everyday language so that you can get the most out of your money!

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