Here to help 90's babes get control of their money without it controlling them.

It's okay if you're not where you want to be yet.

It's okay if you haven't started saving for retirement.

& IT'S OKAY if you're still in debt.

You are here - at Money with Madison & that's what matters.

The old traditional way of handling money and saving for retirement is out the window.

This is all about YOU and finding what works best for


Private Coaching

Get the personalized help that you deserve to get your money in order & start creating the life of your dreams!

6-month program.

Free 1-hour Money Call

For anyone feeling overwhelmed & unsure of what to do with their finances in a time of global crisis.

Take advantage of this for a limited time only.

After working with Madison I feel like I have a clear understanding of where I stand and where I want to be. The best part of working with her is compassion. Money can be emotional, but I felt completely comfortable with Madison. She gives you the tools you need to continue to complete the goals you set.

-Tayler O.

Since I began working with Madison in the summer of 2019, I've gained COMPLETE control over my finances. Over the past eight months, I've followed Madison's blueprint and guidance, which has allowed me to pay off over $9,000 in debts, completely wiping out one credit card balance and one student loan. Madison, I can't thank you enough for your help!!

-Cody M.



The Money with Madison podcast will dive deep on topics that every woman should know about her money & investing. Madison translates tough topics into everyday language so you can get the most out of your money!

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