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Starts November 2020!

Imagine it's December 1st, 2020...

You feel confident and have proudly stepped into the role as Personal Finance CEO of your life.

You are able to let go of the stress and anxiety that money used to cause you.

You feel in complete control of your money and like you can move f*%#ing mountains! Because you can!


You fully believe and understand that YOU create your future - and it's going to be  a m a z i n g.

You are now equipped with the exact tools you need in order to allow more money to flow into your life now && forever!

Because I know that right now....


You are sick & tired of always being stressed out and anxious about money. 

It never feels like you have enough - you say things like, "My life would be so much easier if I just made an extra $1,000 a month..."

You struggle to find  b a l a n c e  with your money. You're either only spending on the necessities and saving the rest OR going out every weekend and racking up credit card debt.

You feel regret and shame around your current situation and don't understand why it's so hard to just get control of your money.

You feel like you're taking the "right" actions but never see the results. 

You get overwhelmed when you think about making a change and getting your money in order.

You're so FED UP with your own bullsh*t and you just want to be the boss babe that you know you are! 

You want to be able to enjoy life and treat yourself AND your friends & family without worrying, BUT there just never seems to be "enough".

By joining the Money Mindset Month, you get...

   • Daily emails (Monday - Friday) starting August 3rd, with exactly what you should accomplish each day so that you don't get overwhelmed or try to work on too much at once. ($200 value)

   • A money mindset lesson at the start of each week. That's 4 lessons which are jammed packed with all the information you need to create your new and abundant life! ($400 value)

   • Journal prompts, worksheets, and meditations to re-wire your brain for abundance. ($200 value)

   • Support, encouragement, and accountability because that is the true secret sauce of lasting change. (Priceless)


   • Direct access to me via email to answer any questions, provide insight, or help you personally bust through limiting beliefs. ($600 value)

That's a TOTAL VALUE of $1,400

I've bundled it into a package deal for only $297

BUT you can take advantage of this weekend's FLASH SALE and secure your spot at the "first run" price of just $197

This is the LAST time the Money Mindset Month will be offered at this price point.

What people are saying about the Money Mindset Month:


Why other "fixes" haven't worked for you in the past... 

Step-by-step guides or books that just TELL you what to do with your money usually don't lead to lasting change because they are missing a key component. Your mindset and beliefs!

You want RESULTS, so you buy a book that tells you what ACTIONS to take. Seems logical enough...

But to truly get the RESULTS we desire, the first two steps are BELIEFS and THOUGHTS (mindset).

Beliefs -> Thoughts -> Feelings -> Action -> Results

That's why the Money Mindset Month targets and challenges your Beliefs and Thoughts so that your Feelings motivate you to take Action for the Results you want.

Secure your spot today for just $197 (compared to $1,400 value!)

** Due to the type of content and delivery method, there will be no refunds. Thank you for understanding.**

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