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You’ll get printable worksheets, as well as, excel templates to plan, execute, and keep track of ALL your killer progress!


Two videos/live calls per week for the four-week program.


The videos will be LIVE via Zoom so that you have a chance to ask any questions directly, but I will also be recording and emailing them for future reference.

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Are you ready to jumpstart your finances and use this time (#quarantine) to prepare yourself for massive wealth?!

There is always a step one. Always the first little nudge in the right direction that can change your life forever.


This is it.


This is the nudge you need.

The course work:

Week One - Laying the Foundation


  • Module 1: Your Net Worth

  • Module 2: Your Current Spending & New Spending Plan


Week Two - Money Mindset (my fave!)


  • Module 3: Re-writing Your Money Blueprint

  • Module 4: Becoming Abundant & Attracting More Money


Week Three - Savings & Debt


  • Module 5: It’s an Emergency (fund)!

  • Module 6: Say "Buh-Bye" to Your Debt


Week Four - Investing & Your Future (also a favorite!)


  • Module 7: Investing 101

  • Module 8: Your 10 Year Plan

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Let's be REAL: 

This is about more than just staying busy. This is about radically changing your life and coming out of this with a new skill set and the knowledge to be SO prepared for the next time there is (inevitably) a recession.


For this first run, I really want to make sure we have dedicated women in here who are 100% committed to up-leveling their life and finances. 


To be a part of this amazing group, please apply! I will reach out once I’ve reviewed your application (applying DOES NOT mean you are committing and it does not mean you have to commit to the program).