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As someone who has been there and fought through the fear:

the power, calmness, and HAPPINESS that comes from having control of your money is priceless.

"Since I began working with Madison in the summer of 2019, I've gained COMPLETE control over my finances. Over the past year, I've followed Madison's blueprint and guidance, which has allowed me to pay off over $13,000 in debts, completely wiping out one credit card balance, one student loan, and my car! Madison, I can't thank you enough for your help!!"

-Cody M.

"Since joining MBM, I've learned how to manage my money more confidently. I feel empowered in the way I choose to spend and save my money as a result of what I've learned from Madison! She shares practical tools and makes money management actually enjoyable...say whaaat?! If you're a woman who wants to feel empowered with money, you won't regret joining MBM!!"

- Alissa J.

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Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of learning to manage your money?

You're NOT alone!

Join a community that will have your back & help you through all of the uncertainty that can surround financial literacy. 

The Money Babe Monthly Membership is the best way to learn about personal finances in a fun and stress-free environment that will never make you feel dumb or guilty. This is a safe space to learn and ask questions!

Real change comes from consistent action  - learning a little bit at a time so that it ALL sticks with you. 

Are you ready to get started?

Interested in Something Different?

If group coaching isn't for you, check out my e-course options for more independent & self-paced learning

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