Get a Grip

We live in a society where it's "cool" to be a total hot mess. There are countless memes about being broke, making a joke about it, then continuing to feel sorry for yourself because you're in that situation.

You go out with friends and talk about how broke you are and how expensive life is and that you live off top ramen. You're frustrated and annoyed but you don't do anything about it.

Look, I get it. Managing money and your personal finances sounds like such a big and overwhelming task. It stresses you out just thinking about it. So you avoid it. You see the electric bill email come through and you refuse to look at it until you have to. Each month you get to the end and even though you tried not to spend so much money, it's still gone and you're not really sure where it even went.

So I'm going to be brutally honest here. You NEED to get your money life in order, now, before it's too late. Before you wake up 10 years later in the same spot you are now. Complaining and wishing your life away.

Seriously think about this, what if you continue on the path you're on now - just getting by. Feeling like you have your shit together when you really don't (see THIS post on when my money life fell apart). Using credit cards and saying, "I'll pay that off." but never actually do. You're not saving any money because "Save money?! What about groceries? I need every penny I get." Your employer offers a 401k but you're not even contributing because you don't know how to get started and you're too afraid or too proud to ask the HR person. Where are you gonna be in 10 years?

You'll be in the same spot you are now, but you'll be bitter.

Wake up.

Because what if, WHAT IF, today you become conscious. Today you open your eyes and finally see that maybe you don't have it all figured out. And today you decide that it's time for a change. You stop using credit cards, stop making unnecessary purchases that don't add to your true happiness, and you start paying off your debt with insane focus and determination. You start saving for the things that matter. You contribute 10% to your employers 401k. Where will you be in 10 years?


You will have control over your money. It won't stress you out and you will have FREEDOM! You won't be stuck in a job you hate because you won't need the money. You'll be able to do more things that actually light you up. You'll be happier and healthier because there won't be stress to wear you down and exhaust you.

You owe it to yourself, your family, and your friends. People always talk about how you need to #TreatYoSelf to spa days and buying nice clothes to feel confident and show up as the best version of yourself (which I do not disagree with) but we need to start shifting that kind of thinking to our money life as well.

Pay off your credit cards and you'll feel lighter and happier. Get rid of your student loan debt and you'll feel smarter and more proud of your degree. It will completely change you and how you show up in the world.

People will notice a difference. They'll see a brighter smile and your vibe will be calm instead of full of anxiety.

It all starts with the first tiny little step. The first thought to pop up in your head saying, "maybe I can do this..."

& you know the crazy thing? YOU CAN DO THIS!


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