How to Move Without Adding to Your Debt

Last month my boyfriend and I moved into our first apartment after moving across the country (the first place we lived in was fully furnished). So we are starting from ground 0 but we're not using credit cards and we're not buying any furniture on credit or installment plans. We are paying cold, hard, cash!

But how are we doing this? How are we buying all new furniture and basic living necessities without taking on any debt?

We are using these five simple tips for a debt free move: Number One: Plan and Save! Make a list of everything you will need and the approximate price of each item. Add it all up and divide by how many months you have until the move-in date. That is how much you should be putting away. Set up an automatic savings plan so that you don't even have to think about it! Then when you're ready to move, you'll be able to buy all the things on your wishlist! Number Two: Enlist the Help of Family Start a Target registry and send that link to your friends, post on social media, or send to amazing friends. People love to help people! Take advantage of that! Be open to receiving! This will end up saving you so much money plus you'll find who your true friends are. Number Three: Spread Out Your Purchases You know you're going to need a toaster, buy it today. You know you're going to need new pots and pans, buy them next week. You know you need new bedsheet, buy them in two weeks. Start building your inventory slowly - that way you don't have one giant expense at move-in. It will be easier on your mental health AND your wallet! Number Four: Save Your Cash Vow that any cash you receive between now and your move will be saved and used only on apartment/house things. Then when you go to buy things like silverware or dishes it will be like a gift since the money is not coming directly out of your bank account! SURPRISE! *throws confetti* Number Five: Shop Around Don't be afraid to take your time and find the perfect apartment or house. Don't rush into something just because you're sick of your current living conditions. Make sure it's a good value, in a preferred location (close to work and fun), and has all the amenities you want.

Your rent/mortgage is likely your biggest monthly expense so make sure you're getting everything you want. Be picky and don't lower your standards if you come up blank after only a month or two of searching. Your environment has a huge impact on your happiness and productivity so make sure you're going into a place that will up-level you.

To Summarize

Map out your budget and save for it, enlist the help of friends and family via a registry, spread out your purchases to avoid a big expense at move-in, use any cash you receive for apartment/house stuff, and make sure you get the apartment or house of your dreams!

& remember that you can get control of your money without it controlling you!

- Madison // Founder of Money with Madison