Money = Your BFF

Start treating money like your BFF by creating these 4 simple habits in your life & watch your relationship with money blossom!

Guys, can we please all agree that money is uber important? Like we all need it. We all use it everyday. We literally could not live without it. It is quite possibly the BIGGEST part of our life. So why don’t we take it seriously? Why do we keep abusing it? Why do we keep buying things that we don’t really like or need? Why do we keep bad mouthing and under appreciating it?

"If you treated your friends like you treat your money, would you have any friends?"

I’m for sure guilty of all those things, but one of the biggest money mindset shifts came when I heard this: “If you treated your friends like you treat your money, would you have any friends? Think about that for a second. If you constantly ignore your friends, if you talked bad about them, if you weren't grateful and happy when they came around ….they would for sure hate you and never want to hang out. IT'S THE SAME DEAL WITH MONEY!

When you ignore your money each month. When you don't spend time with it (creating a spending plan, checking that your one track etc.) When you don't appreciate it or talk bad about it “Money is the root of all evil” “Money can’t buy happiness” “I hate dealing with money, finances, bills”. Money is definitely gonna stay away.

Be grateful that you can afford to go out for Taco Tuesday, every Tuesday.

This is probably one of the most important and EASY lessons that can be learned about money. You have to respect it and be appreciative of it - even when you’re paying bills. Be grateful that you can afford the roof over your head because money does that! Be grateful you can afford to go out for Taco Tuesday (every Tuesday) because money does that! Be grateful you can buy iced lattes to make Monday suck a little less because MONEY DOES THAT!

So, start implementing the following habits into your life daily because even these tiny shifts in thinking can lead to #YUUGE changes in your financial situation.

1. Pay attention to it

• Know what you're spending your money on each week. I know, the b word that nobody wants to hear "budget" but it doesn't have to be like that. Check out this article on how to create a money plan.

• Determine if what you're spending on actually adds value to your life. Keep this in mind the next time you make a purchase or think about some recent purchases you made. Do they still make you happy after the "newness" has worn off?

2. Show your appreciation

• When it comes into your life, be thankful that it’s there. Not gonna lie, whenever I see money hit my bank account (even when it’s my weekly paycheck that I know is coming) I have a mini dance party.

• When you pay bills or buy things be grateful money is there to actually get you those things.

3. Have fun with it

• Buy things you love that bring you happiness. Be happy that you're spending money!

• Treat yourself every now and then to a massage or plan a weekend getaway.

4. Cherish it

• Save and invest some so it knows that you value it and want to keep it around.

• Whenever you have cash in your wallet, make sure all the bills are facing the same way and aren't crumpled up.

Look if this sounds too cheesy and weird for you that's fine. Don't do any of these things. But come back to me a year from now and let me know how you’re doing financially. Chances are you’ll be in the same spot you are now...

I want you to have a great relationship with money, cause guess what, you guys are going to be together forever so you might as well make it a happy ending! <3 Aww love stories, they are so heart-warming…



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