You Can Have It All

What if I told you money was unlimited? You could have as much as you believed you could. Does that feel "icky" and weird to think about? Are you unsure if you want to read the rest of this because you feel guilty for wanting the statement to be true?

Have you ever set out to do something and knew without a doubt that you could actually accomplish it? You put in the work, time, and dedication - you didn't give up until you achieved it. Think back to a time when you did this (learn to ride a bike, join the cheer squad, play varsity sports, graduate college, etc.). Now, think about the moment you said, "I'm doing this and making it happen no matter what!"

But what if, in that initial moment, you had instead thought to yourself, "This seems too hard. I don't think I can do it." Do you think you would have still accomplished that thing? Probably not... But the only difference would have been your mindset.

To understand what I want to speak on in a moment, it's important to know how we achieve results. Look at the flowchart below and say it out loud or in your head until it actually starts to click and you understand what it's conveying. This simple flowchart can unlock SO many things for you.

Beliefs -> Thoughts -> Feelings -> Action -> Results

What it's saying:

Your BELIEFS lead to what you THINK ABOUT which leads to how you FEEL which motivates the ACTION you take which gives you the RESULTS.

Chances are you currently (consciously or unconsciously) believe that money is scarce. It's hard to come by. You seem to only ever have enough to just get by. You think that rich people work hard 80 hour weeks...and the list could go on forever.

It doesn't have to be like that though. You can start shifting your mindset TODAY! Like how empowering and awesome does that feel? It may feel exciting at first but then doubt creeps into your mind, "Oh really, Madison? I'm just going to "believe" that money is unlimited and it's going to fall into my lap? Let's be real." That's not what I'm saying here. Because we all know that good things take time and effort. BUT in order to get the RESULT you want (more money), you have to first believe that it's even possible.

Start BELIEVING that money is abundant and that you deserve all that you want. Watch how your energy level changes and you start attracting money into your life. Watch how your THOUGHTS become more positive, you FEEL happier and lighter. You start taking ACTIONS that will ultimately bring in more wealth (the RESULT).

So what's stopping you? Are you afraid you'll feel dumb for believing you could have more money and wealth? Or the opposite, are you afraid that you will give it your all and believe in it so hard but it won't ever actually happen?

Look this is not new stuff. I'm not the genius that came up with these universal laws. I'm just trying to spread the word so that it can help as many people as possible. These laws and ideas have been around for ages which just proves that it is tried and true. Very smart people have found this to work.

Book Recommendations

Some popular books that talk about and expand on the idea of unlimited money, changing your "money blueprint", and changing old beliefs into new, supportive ones include the following:

• Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (published in 1937)

• A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi (2001)

• Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker (2005)

• Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo (2019)

& I'm sure there are many others, but these are the ones I have read and enjoyed!

Give it a try! Fake it till you make it. Just try telling yourself that you believe money is unlimited. Get hyped. Watch your energy change. Eventually, money will start flowing into your life more easily. & when it does, let me know! I want to share your wins with you, big or small!



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