Get the personalized help that you deserve to get comfy with your money & take control of your finances without it controlling you!

Money is the biggest part of our lives and it's time that you take back your power. This 3-month program will give you life long tools & success to live the life of your dreams.

Coaching is not about what you get but the transformation you go through...

Your transformation:

  • Pay off credit cards now & have a plan in place to become debt-free.

  • Get your retirement accounts (401k, IRAs) in place to start saving for your future.

  • Change your thoughts & behavior around money to have life long abundance.

  • Enjoy your life without stressing about money (seriously, it's possible).

  • Have control of your money without it controlling you.

  • & do all of that WITHOUT MAKING A BUDGET!!

Money will no longer be exhausting.

Money will ADD to your happiness instead of takeaway from it.


Everything I've learned from college, certification/licensing tests and endless hours of consuming finance books & podcasts is here to serve you!

Four years were dedicated to learning in-depth about money, finance, and the economy (I received a bachelor's in accounting with a minor in finance & economics).

I spent the first year of my professional career talking with people (just like you) over the phone and helping them understand mutual funds, investing, and IRAs.

You're getting the strategy that I have used and cultivated in my own life to pay off debt while still ENJOYING life!

I've paid off over $13,000 in debt in the past year on an entry-level salary - all while taking vacations, going out for sushi once a week, and moving across the country (Arizona to Boston).

I'm credit card debt free & drive a paid-off car.

It wasn't always this easy for me though...

Three years ago, I was in my car crying in a Home Depot parking lot because I only had $9 to my name and needed to buy a box of Christmas lights.

I know the feeling of complete hopelessness and anxiety that can happen around money. I DO NOT want you to struggle with that alone.

What's included in the private coaching program:

  • 3-months of one-on-one coaching.

  • Two 60-minute meetings per month (via zoom, that YOU schedule).

  • Free Excel templates and worksheets to help you get organized & track all your KILLER progress.

  • Unlimited access to me via Voxer, Email, & Social Media DMs.

  • BONUS: 12 audio mindset lessons - to re-wire your brain for abundance and clarity in your money life. 


After working with Madison I feel like I have a clear understanding of where I stand and where I want to be. 

The best part of working with her is compassion. Money can be emotional, but I felt completely comfortable with Madison. She gives you the tools you need to continue to complete the goals you set.

-Tayler O.


Since I began working with Madison in the summer of 2019, I've gained COMPLETE control over my finances. Over the past eight months, I've followed Madison's blueprint and guidance, which has allowed me to pay off over $9,000 in debts, completely wiping out one credit card balance and one student loan. Madison, I can't thank you enough for your help!!

-Cody M.

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