Money with Madison is now offering

Personal Finance Webinars for the work place!

The goal for these trainings is that they do NOT have the same structure as a typical HR training videos.

Within these webinars I will give easy to understand & implementable information, so that your employees walk away feeling empowered and excited to get their money in order!

54% of the American workforce state that personal finances and money challenges are the largest source of stress. 

- PwC Survey 2020

Give your employees the gift of financial confidence so they can live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.

Did you know...

Current Webinar Offerings

  • Making the Most of Your Paychecks

  • Becoming an Investor: 401(k)s & IRAs

  • Money Confident: Mastering Budgets, Spending, and Savings

  • Basics to Being a ‘Personal Finance CEO’

  • Mind Over Money: Leveling Up Your Money Mindset

  • Combine any existing topics to create a valuable experience for your employees

  • Typically designed to be 1-2 hours in length

  • Delivered virtually via Zoom 

  • Ability to be flexible with content  to meet employee needs

Custom Webinar Option

"Working with Madison came at the perfect time for us. We were in an inconsistent earning schedule and she helped us feel so hopeful towards our financial future. While working with Madison we implemented a successful savings plan, developed habits of spending tracking, and increased our net worth by $10,000. I enjoyed talking with Madison, and learned that money is a tool for good. I called her my 'money therapist.' Thanks again Madison!"

-Starlee M.


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